The Shed Cluster Group strives to improve the quality of life for men by addressing men’s health issues and the need for organised but low level/achievable activities for mature people.
  Singleton Men's Shed  


Management Committee
Chairman :
Alf Braye
Vice Chairman :
John Elliott
Secretary :
Jack Francis
Treasurer :
David Newberry
Committee :
Alf Braye
  John Elliott
  Jack Francis
  David Newberry
  Kevin Gunn
  Larry Kendall
  Phil Page
  Bruce Reid



Singleton Men's Shed committee was formed in April 2010 and incorporated on the 13th July 2010 with a view of establishing the community gathering point for men of like minded interests and pursuits in a dedicated permanent building location.

Currently our membership of approximately  21 members (includes our building committee). Meeting are held at Singleton Golf Club, Boundary Street, Singleton at 5pm each first Wednesday of the month (this may be varied as required.

Our shed is currently working with the valued support of Singleton Council in establishing a permanent shed construction located on Council land, with a view of expanding our membership and commencing shed activities on successful completion.

The shed committee have received initial funding from Government and generous local private sources for the shed's construction/establishment, with more future funding support indicated. Our shed members gratefully acknowledge the essential support offered and received.



Name :
John Elliott
Position :
Vice Chairman
Phone :
02 65712069 or 0418 322236
Email : or
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